Want to plant your own seedlings at home? Many people enjoy growing their own sprouts. It’s not only a fun and fruitful hobby but also helps you eat nutritious and fresh plants at a lower cost. But if you want to grow your seeds properly, you need a reliable germination trays at hand.



  • Grow Any Seed – Cultivate healthy and strong sprouts at home! Our seed box trays have a total of 160 cells that are 3.7×3.7×5.5cm each. Use these to plant flower, vegetable, fruit, or herb seeds.
  • Give Seedlings A Suitable Seed Storage – Our seed trays are fitted with 2 adjustable vents that allow you to control humidity. Each cell also has a drainage hole to keep your plants from drowning.
  • Keep An Eye On Your Plants – Know exactly when your plants are ready to transfer to your garden. This mini greenhouse comes with a clear lid and cells, helping you monitor your sprout’s growth.