DIY Home Decor: Adding a Touch of Masculinity to Your Living Space

white wooden desk near bed inside the room

Let’s chat about turning your living space into a den of manliness. No need for fancy designers or big budgets – with a bit of DIY magic, you can add that masculine touch to your humble abode. Grab your toolkit, and let’s get started.

1. Choose the Right Colours:

Start with the basics – colours. Opt for earthy tones, deep blues, or subtle greys. These shades bring a sense of strength and sophistication. Steer clear of pastels unless you’re into that Easter egg vibe.

2. DIY Wall Art:

Empty walls? Not on our watch. Create your own wall art using reclaimed wood, metal, or even canvas. Whether it’s a bold statement piece or a subtle nod to your interests, let your creativity flow.

3. Industrial Furniture:

Bring in some rugged charm with industrial-style furniture. Think metal accents, reclaimed wood, and pieces with clean lines. It’s about function and masculinity rolled into one.

4. Leather Accents:

Nothing says manly like leather. Incorporate leather accents – be it a sofa, cushions, or even a DIY leather-wrapped table. It adds a touch of sophistication and durability.

5. Personalized Decor:

Make it yours, mate. Add a personal touch with DIY projects. Frame maps of places significant to you, display your hobby gear, or create a gallery wall with your own photos. Personalised decor is the key to making it feel like home.

6. Statement Lighting:

Upgrade your lighting game. Opt for statement fixtures – be it industrial-style pendant lights or vintage floor lamps. Lighting sets the mood and adds character to your space.

7. Tech-Inspired Decor:

For the tech-savvy dads out there, incorporate tech-inspired decor. Old gadgets can be repurposed into quirky decorations, adding a modern and masculine touch.

8. Display Your Hobbies:

Whether it’s sports memorabilia, vinyl records, or model aeroplanes, showcase your hobbies. It’s a conversation starter and adds a layer of personality to your living space.


There you have it, gents – a guide to adding a touch of masculinity to your living space. No need for a big budget, just a bit of creativity and some elbow grease. Now, roll up your sleeves, grab those tools, and let’s make your living space the ultimate man cave.